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You can make a difference by being a part of our initiatives. Because the generous contributions of donors and volunteers will go a long way in bringing hope and happiness to those in need. Make this an integral part of your company’s CSR initiative/ your personal contribution towards national development/ your organization’s donation towards this great objective.

Join us today to help people build new lives, one step at a time.

contact us to discuss how you can help.


Previously we lived uncomfortably in a wooden house that was over crowded.Through LFSUS I was able to obtain a housing loan which gave me the opportunity to build a new house. I am also able to generate additional income through renting out part of the house.LFSUS has taken me out of misery and given new hope.

-A.M. Pracilda (Kirulapona)

I earn a living by selling lunch packets with the assistance of my husband. The few hundred rupees we earn is the only source of income for our family with 2 children. We don’t have a proper house to live in and during rainy seasons we suffer immensely. LFSUS has supported me with a loan that helped us to repair the house and support our business

-Nilanthi (Nuwara Eliya)

We have very limited access to water and certain days I travel almost 2KMs in search of drinking water. Financial constraints have hindered the building of my house. LFSUS has made my dream of building a house come true.

-Wishwa Sarvanath (Hambantota)

There was a time when no bank would help me for a housing loan. Today thanks to LFSUS I have a roof over my head and a better shelter for my family”

-Ms: K.B.Mangalika (Deberawewa)